ABC Spelling/Birthday - Fabric Wall Chart

ABC Spelling/Birthday - Fabric Wall Chart

Rainbow Educational design and manufacture.

Used widely within kindergartens and junior school as an activity/information chart.

The items are mounted on a felt wall hanging chart measuring approx: 53cm X 44cm.

Included are three (3) sets of the alphabet, one (1) upper case and two (2) lower case. A linen bag is provided to retain the letters.

Also included are a series of plates depicting:

Birthday Cake + candles. 16cm X 18cm.

Elephant, Ice Cream in Cone, Butterfly, Home, Turtle, Umbrella, Star Fish, Tulip, Guitar, Triangle shape and Apple with provision to hold these item in pocket sewn onto rear of chart.

Washable, new material and hands “on”.


of 12 pictures of various items eg., birthday cake and candles, animal shapes.

Appx. 55cm x 45cm


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