Foreign Language Charts

Why Teachers Should Use foreign language charts?

Mastering a foreign language is a very challenging task. It takes a lot of dedication, time and patience to learn a completely new language that the learners are not all accustomed with. From the very initial stage children starts picking up, understand and follow their mother tongue as they constantly hear it. But in case of foreign language there is very little scope of training you ears in it as the learners hardly get to hear the foreign language outside their classroom. But learning a foreign language helps in the overall development of the personality of the learners and therefore parents and teachers should always motivate the young learners as well as learners from other age group to develop this skill gradually.

Researches show that learners get bored in the foreign language class and thus the entire process becomes futile. Therefore, the teachers have to make the foreign language class fun and interesting so that the learners pay attention to the concepts taught and participate in the learning process. One way of making the foreign language class fun and interesting is by the use of a lot of colourful foreign language charts. These are audio visual teaching aid in which the children learn the new concepts in a playful way and there is loads of scope for student participation. They get the opportunity to construct the concept on their own and thus there is no need for memorizing or rote learning, which we tend to forget very easily.

In the foreign language charts novel concepts are presented through diagrams, graphics, flowcharts, pictures and many other ways. Thus the learners get the opportunity to visualize the concepts and thereafter form the idea on that basis. Since the abstract ideas are being given a substantial form before the learners through the charts, it becomes easier for the learner to grasp the new concepts. They take interest in foreign language classes and the challenging task become much easier.

Foreign language charts are also very effective in initiating group discussion and group work amongst the students. As a result, they learn while doing the work or participating in an activity in a playful way which is much more effective. The charts also provide the student with enough opportunity to speak in foreign language through while being a part of the group activity as a result they learn the correct pronunciation of new alphabets, words and grammar while hearing out their peers. Thus the use of charts makes the classroom teaching interactive and this is very effective for foreign language as they hardly get the opportunity to use that language outside their classroom.

At Rainbow Educational teachers and parents are going to get charts in four languages namely French, Germany, Italian and Japanese. These teaching learning materials have been designed in keeping with the set standards of a teaching aid in terms of the size of the words and pictures present in it, being attractive and colourful and such yardsticks. Place your order now to motivate the young learners of your class.

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