6 Cheeky Monkeys - Felt Board Stories - Robust, Tactile and Versatile.

Rainbow Educational design and manufacture. Robust, Tactile and Versatile.

Professional use for Early Learning.

Two activities for the child. Words are provided however a variation of story is only limited by imagination.

6 cheeky monkeys sitting in a tree, 'Teasing Mr Alligator! you can't catch me!' Along came Mr Alligator as quiet as can be and .......SNAP!

6 cheeky monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head. Mama called the Doctor and the Doctor said 'No more jumping on the bed!"  Then there were 5 etc. Doctor treats each monkey in turn.

Includes 6 cheeky monkeys in various stances, 1 large Alligator, bed and doctor.

New material, Hand Made, washable, durable.