What Made Tiddalik Laugh - A Dreamtime Story

Rainbow Educational design and manufacture.

Aboriginal Dreamtime Story.

"In the Dreamtime there was a giant frog named 'Tiddalik', he was the last giant frog in Australia"

Tiddalik was very thirsty and had drunk ALL the water from the billabongs, streams and rivers. All the land was very dry and the birds and other animals were very thirsty. Tiddalik then rested and slept.

The wise old wombat was consulted and he knew that the community must make Tiddalik laugh so that he would return the water to the billabongs, streams and rivers.

Each bird and animal then tried to wake and make Tiddalik laugh! They were unsuccessful until the 'platypus' approached Tiddalik.

Included are the animals and birds who make unsuccessful attempts to amuse Tiddalik. Only our own Australian platypus was successful. Each removeable part/figure has Velcro sewn onto the back to attach to the chart.

This resource will enable 'the storyteller' to demonstrate how Tiddalik drank all the rivers, the billabongs, the lakes and the streams dry and then show how the birds and animals saved the land.

Hand made, embroidered and durable.


Approx: 55cm X 48cm. Items removeable/ held with velcro sewn to the back.